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Grushow, A.; Ervin, K.M., Ligand and Metal Binding Energies in Platinum Carbonyl Cluster Anions: Collision Induced Dissociation of PtM- and Ptm(CO)n-, J. Chem. Phys., 1997, 106, 23, 9580, https://doi.org/10.1063/1.474116 .

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  1. Carbon monoxide (CO)
  2. platinum (Pt)
  3. CO..Pt3(CO)4 radical anion (C5O5Pt3-)
  4. CO..Pt3(CO)3 radical anion (C4O4Pt3-)
  5. CO..Pt3(CO)5 radical anion (C6O6Pt3-)
  6. CO..Pt3(CO)2 radical anion (C3O3Pt3-)
  7. Pt3 anion (Pt3-)
  8. Pt4 anion (Pt4-)
  9. CO..Pt3CO radical anion (C2O2Pt3-)
  10. CO..Pt3 radical anion (COPt3-)
  11. CO..Pt4 radical anion (COPt4-)
  12. CO..Pt5 radical anion (COPt5-)
  13. Pt5 anion (Pt5-)
  14. Platinate(-1), tri-μ-carbonyl-tricarbonyl- tetrahedro (C6O6Pt4-)
  15. CO..Pt4(CO)7 radical anion (C8O8Pt4-)
  16. CO..Pt6 radical anion (COPt6-)
  17. CAS Reg. No. 151247-66-4
  18. CAS Reg. No. 151247-65-3
  19. CAS Reg. No. 151247-64-2