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Weidele, H.; Kreisle, D.; Recknagel, E.; Icking-Konert, G.S.; Handschuh, H.; Gantefor, G.; Eberhardt, W., Thermionic Emission from Small Clusters: Direct Observation of the Kinetic Energy Distribution of the Electrons., Chem. Phys. Lett., 1995, 237, 5-6, 425., https://doi.org/10.1016/0009-2614(95)00344-4 .

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  1. W3 radical anion (W3-)
  2. W5 radical anion (W5-)
  3. W20 radical anion (W20-)
  4. W4 radical anion (W4-)
  5. W2 radical (W2)
  6. W10 radical anion (W10-)
  7. W11 radical anion (W11-)
  8. W12 radical anion (W12-)
  9. W6 radical anion (W6-)
  10. W7 radical anion (W7-)
  11. W8 radical anion (W8-)
  12. W9 radical anion (W9-)
  13. W16 radical (W16)
  14. W17 radical (W17)
  15. W13 radical (W13)
  16. W14 radical (W14)
  17. W15 radical (W15)
  18. W19 radical (W19)
  19. W18 radical (W18)
  20. W21 radical (W21)