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Kelly, S.M.; Schadt, M.; Seiberle, H., Polar nematic trans -4-substituted-cyclohexyl ( E )-alk-2-enoates The influence of dipoles and double bonds on the transition temperatures and other physical properties, Liquid Crystals, 1995, 18, 4, 581-594, https://doi.org/10.1080/02678299508036661 .

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  1. 4-trans-(3-fluoro-4-cyanophenyl)cyclohexyl (E)-but-2-enoate (C17H18FNO2)
  2. 4-trans-(trifluoromethoxyphenyl)cyclohexyl (E)-but-2-enoate (C17H19F3O3)
  3. 4-trans-(4-fluorophenylethyl)cyclohexyl (E)-butenoate (C18H23FO2)
  4. 4-trans-(4-chlorophenyl)cyclohexyl (E)-2-butenoate (C16H19ClO2)
  5. 4-trans-(4-bromophenyl)cyclohexyl (E)-2-butenoate (C16H19BrO2)
  6. 4-trans-(4-fluorophenyl)cyclohexyl (E)-2-butenoate (C16H19FO2)