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Kubas, G.J.; Burns, C.J.; Khalsa, G.R.K.; van der Sluys, L.S.; Kiss, G.; Hoff, C.D., Organometallics, 1992, 11, 3390.

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  1. Hydrogen (H2)
  2. Water (H2O)
  3. W(CO)3[P(i-Pr)3]2(H2O) (C21H44O4P2W)
  4. W(CO)3[P(i-Pr)3]2(H2) (C21H44O3P2W)
  5. W(CO)3(PCy3)2(H2O) (C39H68O4P2W)
  6. W(CO)3(PCy3)2(H2) (C39H68O3P2W)