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Evans, D.H.; Keesee, R.G., Thermodynamics of Gas-Phase Mixed-Solvent Cluster Ions - Water and Methanol on K+ and Cl- and Comparison to Liquid Solutions, J. Phys. Chem., 1991, 95, 9, 3558, https://doi.org/10.1021/j100162a024 .

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  1. Methyl Alcohol (CH4O)
  2. Water (H2O)
  3. (H2O)2..Cl anion (ClH4O2-)
  4. (MeOH)3..Cl anion (C3H12ClO3-)
  5. (MeOH)2..Cl anion (C2H8ClO2-)
  6. Chlorine anion (Cl-)
  7. Potassium ion (1+) (K+)
  8. (MeOH)4..Cl anion (C4H16ClO4-)
  9. (MeOH)2{H2O}..Cl anion (C2H10ClO3-)
  10. (MeOH){H2O}..Cl anion (CH6ClO2-)
  11. (MeOH){H2O}2..Cl anion (CH8ClO3-)