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Boltalina, O.V.; Borshchevskii, A.Y.; Sidorov, L.N., Thermochemistry of Chromium Gaseous Fluorides and Their Negative Ions, Zh. Fiz. Khim. SSSR, 1991, 65, 884.

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  1. chromium (Cr)
  2. CrF2..F anion (CrF3-)
  3. CrF4..F anion (CrF5-)
  4. CrF3..F anion (CrF4-)
  5. chromium difluoride (CrF2)
  6. chromium trifluoride (CrF3)
  7. Chromium monofluoride (CrF)
  8. chromium difluoride anion (CrF2-)
  9. CrF radical anion (CrF-)
  10. Fluorine anion (F-)
  11. CrF4 (CrF4)
  12. CAS Reg. No. 136056-48-9
  13. CAS Reg. No. 136056-49-0