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Yang, D.S.; Bancroft, M.; Dignard-Bailey, L.; Puddephatt, R.J.; Tse, J.S., Electronic structure of cis-Dimethylplatinum(II) complexes from UV photoelectron spectra and SCF-MS-Xa calculations, Inorg. Chem., 1990, 29, 2487.

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  1. Platinum, bis(trimethylphosphine)dimethyl- (C14H36P2Pt)
  2. Platinum, bis(p,p-dimethyl-phenylphosphine)dimethyl- (C18H28P2Pt)
  3. Platinum, bis(trimethylphosphine)dimethyl- (C8H24P2Pt)
  4. Platinum, bis(tris(dimethylamino)phosphine-p-)dimethyl- (C14H42N6P2Pt)
  5. Platinum, bis(triethylphosphite-p)dimethyl- (C12H32O4P2Pt)
  6. Platinum, bis(diethoxy-methylphosphine-p-)dimethyl- (C14H36O6P2Pt)
  7. Platinum, bis(p-methyl-diphenylphosphine)dimethyl- (C28H32P2Pt)
  8. Platinum, bis(trimethylphosphite)dimethyl- (C8H24O6P2Pt)