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Miller, T.M.; Lineberger, W.C., Mass Spectra and Photodetachment of Sodium Fluoride Negative Ion Clusters, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Proc., 1990, 102, 239, https://doi.org/10.1016/0168-1176(90)80063-9 .

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  1. sodium fluoride (FNa)
  2. Disodium difluoride (F2Na2)
  3. (NaF)6 radical (F6Na6)
  4. (NaF)5 radical (F5Na5)
  5. (NaF)3 radical (F3Na3)
  6. (NaF)4 radical (F4Na4)
  7. (NaF)7 radical (F7Na7)
  8. Na(NaF)12 (F12Na13)
  9. Na(NaF)7 (F7Na8)
  10. Na(NaF)5 (F5Na6)