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Meot-ner, M.; Cybulski, S.M.; Scheiner, S.; Liebman, J.F., Is CN- Significantly Anisotropic? Comparison of CN- vs. Cl-: Clustering with HCN and Condensed Phase Thermochemistry, J. Phys. Chem., 1988, 92, 10, 2738, https://doi.org/10.1021/j100321a009 .

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  1. Hydrogen cyanide (CHN)
  2. MeCO2 anion (C2H3O2-)
  3. Bromine anion (Br-)
  4. Chlorine anion (Cl-)
  5. Iodide (I-)
  6. HCN..HCO2 anion (C2H2NO2-)
  7. (HCN)5..MeCO2 anion (C7H8N5O2-)
  8. (HCN)2..HCO2 anion (C3H3N2O2-)
  9. (HCN)7..CN anion (C8H7N8-)
  10. (HCN)9..Cl anion (C9H9ClN9-)
  11. (HCN)2..MeCO2 anion (C4H5N2O2-)
  12. (HCN)3..MeCO2 anion (C5H6N3O2-)
  13. (HCN)4..MeCO2 anion (C6H7N4O2-)
  14. (HCN)2..Br anion (C2H2BrN2-)
  15. (HCN)3..Br anion (C3H3BrN3-)
  16. (HCN)4..Br anion (C4H4BrN4-)
  17. (HCN)5..Br anion (C5H5BrN5-)
  18. (HCN)2..I anion (C2H2IN2-)
  19. (HCN)5..CN anion (C6H5N6-)
  20. (HCN)6..CN anion (C7H6N7-)
  21. (HCN)8..I anion (C8H8IN8-)
  22. (HCN)2..CN anion (C3H2N3-)
  23. (HCN)3..CN anion (C4H3N4-)
  24. (HCN)4..I anion (C4H4IN4-)
  25. (HCN)4..CN anion (C5H4N5-)
  26. (HCN)5..I anion (C5H5IN5-)
  27. (HCN)6..I anion (C6H6IN6-)
  28. (HCN)7..I anion (C7H7IN7-)
  29. (HCN)3..I anion (C3H3IN3-)
  30. (HCN)2..Cl anion (C2H2ClN2-)
  31. (HCN)3..Cl anion (C3H3ClN3-)
  32. HCN..Br anion (CHBrN-)
  33. (HCN)5..Cl anion (C5H5ClN5-)
  34. (HCN)6..Cl anion (C6H6ClN6-)
  35. (HCN)7..Cl anion (C7H7ClN7-)
  36. (HCN)8..Cl anion (C8H8ClN8-)
  37. (HCN)4..Cl anion (C4H4ClN4-)
  38. HCN..I anion (CHIN-)
  39. HCO2 anion (CHO2-)
  40. CN anion (CN-)