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Bencze, L.; Kaposi, O.; Popovic, A.; Borshchevsky, Ya.A.; Sidorov, L.N., Molecule-Molecule and Negative Ion-Molecule Equilibria in the Saturated Vapor above CsI-HoI3 Mixtures, High Temp. Sci., 1988, 25, 199.

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  1. holmium triiodide (HoI3)
  2. CsHoI4..HoI4 anion (CsHo2I8-)
  3. HoI3..HoI4 anion (Ho2I7-)
  4. HoI3..I anion (HoI4-)
  5. Iodide (I-)
  6. Ho2I4 (Ho2I4)