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Sakurai, H.; Ichinose, M.; Kira, M.; Traylor, T.G., Ultraviolet, charge-transfer, and photoelectron spectra of phenyl-substituted Group 4B catenates, PhMe2E-E'Me3 (E = Si, Ge; E' = C, Si, Ge, Sn), Chem. Lett., 1984, 1383.

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  1. Disilane,pentamethylphenyl- (C11H20Si2)
  2. Germane, dimethyl-phenyl-(trimethylstannyl)- (C11H20GeSn)
  3. Silane, dimethyl-phenyl-(trimethylgermyl)- (C11H20GeSi)
  4. Silane, (dimethylphenylgermyl)trimethyl- (C11H20GeSi)
  5. Silane, dimethyl-phenyl-(tert-butyl)- (C12H20Si)
  6. Digermane, pentamethyl-phenyl- (C11H20Ge2)
  7. Silane, dimethyl-phenyl-(trimethylstannyl)- (C11H20SiSn)
  8. Germane, dimethyl-phenyl-(tert-butyl)- (C12H20Ge)