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Kahn, S.D.; Hehre, W.J.; Bartmess, J.E.; Caldwell, G., Effect of Metal Complexation on the Gas-phase Acidities of Alkylbenzenes, Organomet., 1984, 3, 11, 1740, https://doi.org/10.1021/om00089a024 .

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  1. Benzaldehyde, 4-methyl- (C8H8O)
  2. Benzonitrile, 4-methyl- (C8H7N)
  3. Hydrogen cation (H+)
  4. pCN-C6H4CH2 anion (C8H6N-)
  5. (C6F6)Cr-mMe-C6H4CH2 anion (C14H9CrF6-)
  6. (C6F6)Cr-pMe-C6H4CH2 anion (C14H9CrF6-)
  7. (C6F6)Cr-C6H5CH2 anion (C13H7CrF6-)
  8. pCHO-C6H4CH2 anion (C8H7O-)
  9. C14H10CrF6 (C14H10CrF6)
  10. C14H10CrF6 (C14H10CrF6)
  11. C13H8CrF6 (C13H8CrF6)