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Lebedev, B.V.; Smirnova, N.N.; Lebedev, N.K.; Kozyreva, N.M.; Kirilin, A.I.; Korshak, V.V., Effect of replacing hydrogen by deuterium and the associated difference on chain links on the thermodynamic properties of polystyrene over the range 0-350°K, Dokl. Akad. Nauk, 1983, SSSR 270, 129-132.

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  1. Styrene, oligomers (C8H8)n
  2. Polystyrene-polystyrene-d8 copolymer (C16H8D8)n
  3. Polystyrene-d3 (C8H5D3)n
  4. Polystyrene-d5 (C8H3D5)n
  5. Polystyrene-d8 (C8D8)n