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Chesky, P.T.; Hall, M.B., Electronic structure of metal clusters. 1. Photoelectron spectra and molecular orbital calculations on (alkylidyne)tricobalt nonacarbonyl clusters, Inorg. Chem., 1981, 20, 4419.

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  1. Cobalt [«mu»3-(bromomethylidyne)]nonacarbonyltri-,triangulo (C10BrCo3O9)
  2. Cobalt, nonacarbonyl[«mu»3-(chloromethylidyne)]tri-, triangulo (C10ClCo3O9)
  3. Cobalt, nonacarbonyl-«mu»3-ethylidynetri-, triangulo (C11H3Co3O9)
  4. «mu»3-Methylidyne-tricobalt nonacarbonyl (C10HCo3O9)
  5. «mu»3-Iodomethylidyne-tricobalt nonacarbonyl (C10Co3IO9)
  6. «mu»3-Methoxymethylidyne-tricobalt nonacarbonyl (C11H3Co3O10)