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Bloom, H.; Williams, D.J., A mass spectrometric study of the vapors above the molten salt systems LiCl-CuCl, LiBr-CuBr, and NaI-CuI, J. Chem. Phys., 1981, 75, 4636.

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  1. potassium chloride (ClK)
  2. lithium chloride (ClLi)
  3. Lithium bromide (BrLi)
  4. copper chloride (ClCu)
  5. Tricopper trichloride (Cl3Cu3)
  6. Dipotassium dichloride (Cl2K2)
  7. Dilithium dichloride (Cl2Li2)
  8. Tetracopper tetrachloride (Cl4Cu4)
  9. Tricopper tribromide (Br3Cu3)
  10. Lithium dicopper tribromide (Br3Cu2Li)
  11. Lithium dicopper trichloride (Cl3Cu2Li)
  12. Potassium dicopper trichloride (Cl3Cu2K)
  13. Sodium copper diodide (CuI2Na)