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Prochaska, F.T.; Andrews, L., Infrared and visible absorption spectra and photochemistry of the Ch2FX+, CHFX+, F--H***(CHX)-, and X--H***(CHF)- molecular ions in solid argon, J. Chem. Phys., 1980, 73, 6, 2651, https://doi.org/10.1063/1.440478 .

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  1. Methylene, bromofluoro- (CBrF)
  2. Chlorofluoromethyl radical (CHClF)
  3. CH2FCl+ (CH2ClF+)
  4. HCFCl+ (CHClF+)
  5. HCFBr (CHBrF)
  6. DCFCl (CDClF)
  7. HCFI (CHFI)
  8. CH2FBr+ (CH2BrF+)
  9. CD2FCl+ (CD2ClF+)
  10. CH2FI+ (CH2FI+)
  11. HCFBr+ (CHBrF+)
  12. DCFCl+ (CDClF+)
  13. HCFI+ (CHFI+)
  14. CFI (CFI)