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Nikitin, M.I.; Sorokin, I.D.; Skokan, E.V.; Sidorov, L.N., Negative Ions in the Saturated Vapors of the Potassium Fluoride - Hafnium Tetrafluoride and Potassium Fluoride - Beryllium Difluoride Systems, Russ. J. Phys. Chem., 1980, 54, page].

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  1. Potassium fluoride (FK)
  2. beryllium fluoride (BeF2)
  3. sodium fluoride (FNa)
  4. AlF4 anion (AlF4-)
  5. Be2F5 anion (Be2F5-)
  6. Fluorine anion (F-)
  7. BeF3 anion (BeF3-)
  8. NaBeF3..AlF4 anion (AlBeF7Na-)
  9. KBeF3..AlF4 anion (AlBeF7K-)
  10. KBeF3..Be2F5 anion (Be3F8K-)
  11. NaF..Be2F5 anion (Be2F6Na-)
  12. BeF2..AlF4 anion (AlBeF6-)
  13. BeF2..Be2F5 anion (Be3F7-)
  14. KF..Be2F5 anion (Be2F6K-)
  15. hafnium tetrafluoride (F4Hf)
  16. BeF3Na (BeF3Na)
  17. BeF3K (BeF3K)
  18. Be2F4 (Be2F4)