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Janousek, B.K.; Reed, K.J.; Brauman, J.I., Electron photodetachment from mercaptyl anions (RS- electron affinities of mercaptyl radicals and the S-H bond strength in mercaptans), J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1980, 102, 3125.

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  1. Ethanethiol (C2H6S)
  2. 1-Pentanethiol (C5H12S)
  3. CH3S (CH3S)
  4. CH3CH2S (C2H5S)
  5. Propylthio radical (C3H7S)
  6. iPrS anion (C3H7S-)
  7. tBuS anion (C4H9S-)
  8. Hydrogen cation (H+)
  9. nBuS anion (C4H9S-)
  10. nC5H11S anion (C5H11S-)
  11. EtS anion (C2H5S-)