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Bromilow, J.; Abboud, J.L.M.; Lebrilla, C.B.; Taft, R.W.; Scorrano, G.; Lucchini, V., Oxonium Ions. Solvation by Single Acetonitrile Molecules in the Gas Phase and by Bulk Solvents, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1980, 103, 18, 5448, https://doi.org/10.1021/ja00408a028 .

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  1. Acetonitrile (C2H3N)
  2. Cyclopropanecarboxylic acid, methyl ester, protonated (C5H9O2+)
  3. 2,2-Dimethyltetrahydrofuran, protonated (C6H13O+)
  4. Methanone, dicyclopropyl-, protonated (C7H11O+)
  5. Benzoic acid, methyl ester, protonated (C8H9O2+)
  6. Cyclopropyl methyl ketone, protonated (C5H9O+)
  7. 2-Butanone, 3,3-dimethyl-, protonated (C6H13O+)
  8. Cyclopropanecarbonitrile, protonated (C4H6N+)
  9. Formamide, N-methyl-, protonated (C2H6NO+)
  10. p-Methylacetophenone, protonated (C9H11O+)
  11. Propane, 2-ethoxy-, protonated (C5H13O+)
  12. Di-n-propyl ether, protonated (C6H15O+)
  13. Diisopropyl ether, protonated (C6H15O+)
  14. Diisopropylketone, protonated (C7H15O+)
  15. Cyclobutanone, positive ion (C4H7O+)
  16. Tetrahydropyran, protonated (C5H11O+)
  17. Tetrahydrofuran, protonated (C4H9O+)
  18. Dimethyl ether, protonated (C2H7O+)
  19. Ethyl formate, protonated (C3H7O2+)
  20. Methyl acetate, protonated (C3H7O2+)
  21. Ethyl acetate, protonated (C4H9O2+)
  22. Cyclohexanone, protonated (C6H11O+)
  23. Cyclopentanone, protonated (C5H9O+)
  24. Diethyl ether, protonated (C4H11O+)
  25. 1,4-Dioxane, protonated (C4H9O2+)
  26. Benzaldehyde, protonated (C6H7O+)
  27. Acetophenone, protonated (C8H9O)
  28. 1-Propanol, protonated (C3H9O+)
  29. Acetone, protonated (C3H7O+)