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Engelking, P.C.; Lineberger, W.C., Laser photoelectron spectrometry of the negative ions of iron and iron carbonyls. Electron affinity determination for the series Fe(CO)n,n=0,1,2,3,4, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1979, 101, 5569.

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  1. Carbon monoxide (CO)
  2. Iron pentacarbonyl (C5FeO5)
  3. iron (Fe)
  4. Fe(CO) (CFeO)
  5. Iron tetracarbonyl (C4FeO4)
  6. Fe(CO) anion (CFeO-)
  7. Fe(CO)2 anion (C2FeO2-)
  8. Fe(CO)3 anion (C3FeO3-)
  9. Fe(CO)2 (C2FeO2)
  10. Fe(CO)3 (C3FeO3)
  11. CAS Reg. No. 71564-27-7
  12. CAS Reg. No. 71701-39-8
  13. CAS Reg. No. 53221-56-0