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Bursten, B.E.; Cotton, F.A.; Cowley, A.H.; Hanson, B.E.; Lattman, M.; Stanley, G.S., Strong metal-to-metal quadruple bonds in a series of five isostructural compounds as indicated by photoelectron spectroscopy, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1979, 101, 6244.

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  1. pyridin-2-ol (C5H5NO)
  2. Dimolybdenum,tetrakis[«mu»-(6-methyl-2(1H)-pyridinonato-] (C24H24Mo2N4O4)
  3. Dichromium, tetrakis[«mu»-(6-methyl-2(1H)-pyridinonato- (C24H24Cr2N4O4)
  4. 6-Methyl-2-pyridinol (C6H7NO)
  5. Tungsten, tetrakis[«mu»-(6-methyl-2(1H)-pyridinonato-N1,o2)](molybdenum)-(mo-w) (C24H24MoN4O4W)
  6. Molybdenum,(chromium)tetrakis[«mu»-(6-methyl-2(1H)-pyridinonato-N1:o2)]-(cr-mo) (C24H24CrMoN4O4)
  7. Tungsten,tetrakis[«mu»-(6-methyl-2(1H)-pyridinonato-N1:o2)]di-(w-w)stereoisomer (C24H24N4O4W2)