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Salerno, V.; Landi, E.; Vacatello, M., Transition metal complexes with long-chain amines thermal behaviour and crystal structure of (n-CnH2n+1NH2)2ZnCl2, Thermochim. Acta, 1977, 20, 407.

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  1. dichlorobis(1-tetradecanamine)zinc (C28H62Cl2N2Zn)
  2. dichlorobis(1-hexadecamine)zinc (C32H70Cl2N2Zn)
  3. dichlorobis(1-dodecanamine)zinc (C24H54Cl2N2Zn)
  4. dichlorobis(1-octanamine)zinc (C16H38Cl2N2Zn)
  5. dichlorobis(1-hexanamine)zinc (C12H30Cl2N2Zn)
  6. dichlorobis(1-decanamine)zinc (C20H46Cl2N2Zn)