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Innorta, G.; Torroni, S.; Distefano, G.; Pietropaolo, D.; Ricci, A., Mass spectra and energetic data for the formation of the [M-CH3]+ ion of 10,10-dimethylphenylthio-silyn, -germyn and -stannyn derivatives and of 9,9-dimethylthioxantene, Org. Mass Spectrom., 1977, 12, 766.

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  1. 10,10-Dimethylphenothiasilin (C14H14SSi)
  2. 10H-Phenoxastannin,10,10-dimethyl- (C14H14OSn)
  3. 10H-Phenothiastannin,10,10-dimethyl- (C14H14SSn)
  4. 10H-Phenoxasilin, 10,10-dimethyl- (C14H14OSi)
  5. 10H-Phenothiagermanin,10,10-dimethyl- (C14H14GeS)
  6. 9H-Thioxanthene,9,9-dimethyl- (C15H14S)