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Pabst, R.E.; Bennett, S.L.; Franklin, J.L.; Margrave, J.L., Negative ion electron impact studies of arsenic trihalides: AsF3, AsCl3, and AsBr3, J. Chem. Phys., 1976, 64, 1550.

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  1. AsF radical (AsF)
  2. AsF2 (AsF2)
  3. AsCl2 (AsCl2)
  4. AsCl2 anion (AsCl2-)
  5. AsBr2 (AsBr2)
  6. AsCl radical (AsCl)
  7. AsBr radical anion (AsBr-)
  8. AsBr2 anion (AsBr2-)
  9. AsCl radical anion (AsCl-)
  10. AsBr radical (AsBr)
  11. AsF2 anion (AsF2-)