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Lee, T.H.; Rabalais, J.W., Model for spin- orbit interactions with inclusion of d electrons: Applications to photoelectron spectroscopy, J. Chem. Phys., 1974, 60, 1172.

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  1. Arsenic trichloride (AsCl3)
  2. arsenic tribromide (AsBr3)
  3. antimony trichloride (Cl3Sb)
  4. arsenic triiodide (AsI3)
  5. antimony tribromide (Br3Sb)
  6. Antimony triiodide (I3Sb)
  7. AsCl3+ (AsCl3+)
  8. SbBr3+ (Br3Sb+)
  9. SbCl3+ (Cl3Sb+)
  10. AsBr3+ (AsBr3+)