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Colton, R.J.; Rabalais, J.W., Photoelectron electronic absorption spectra of SCl2, S2Cl2, S2Br2 and (CH3)2S2, J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom., 1974, 3, 345.

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  1. Disulfide, dimethyl (C2H6S2)
  2. Sulfur monochloride (Cl2S2)
  3. Sulfur dichloride (Cl2S)
  4. disulphur dibromide (Br2S2)
  5. Sulfur chloride cation (Cl2S+)
  6. S2Br2+ (Br2S2+)
  7. S2Cl2+ (Cl2S2+)