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Paine, R.T.; Sodeck, G.; Stafford, F.E., Molecular beam mass spectra and pyrolyses of fluorophosphine-triborane(7) complexes. Formation and mass spectrum of triborane(7), Inorg. Chem., 1972, 11, 2593.

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  1. Phosphoramidous difluoride, dimethyl- (C2H6F2NP)
  2. Tetraborane(8) (B4H8)
  3. Phosphoramidous difluoride, dimethyl-, compound with triborane(7) (1:1) (C2H13B3F2NP)
  4. Tetraborane(8), N,N-dimethylaminodifluorophosphine-p- (C2H14B4F2NP)
  5. Triborane(7) (B3H7)
  6. Phosphorus trifluoride, compound with triborane(7)(1:1) (B3F3H7P)
  7. Phosphorodiamidous fluoride, tetramethyl, compound with borane(1:1) (C2H9BF2NP)