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Muenow, D.W.; Margrave, J.L., Mass spectrometric observations of gaseous phosphorus sulfides and oxysulfides, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem., 1972, 34, 89.

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  1. Sulfur dimer (S2)
  2. tetraphosphorus trisulphide (P4S3)
  3. Tetraphosphorus decasulfide (P4S10)
  4. Tetraphosphorous sulfide (P4S)
  5. Tetraphosphorus pentasulfide (P4S5)
  6. Tetraphosphorus nonasulfide (P4S9)
  7. Tetraphosphorus disulfide (P4S2)
  8. Tetraphosphorous tetrasulfide (P4S4)
  9. tetraphosphorus heptasulphide (P4S7)
  10. Tetraphosphorus hexasulfide (P4S6)
  11. Tetraphosphorus octasulfide (P4S8)