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DeKock, R.L.; Higginson, B.R.; Lloyd, D.R.; Breeze, A.; Cruickshank, D.W.J.; Armstrong, D.R., Photoelectron spectra of halides. V. Experimental theoretical study of the electronic structures of ClF, ClF3, BrF and BrF3, Mol. Phys., 1972, 24, 1059.

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  1. chlorine trifluoride (ClF3)
  2. chlorine fluoride (ClF)
  3. bromine trifluoride (BrF3)
  4. Bromine monofluoride (BrF)
  5. 35Chlorine monofluoride (ClF)
  6. ClF+ (ClF+)
  7. bromine fluoride (BrF)
  8. BrF+ (BrF+)
  9. ClF3+ (ClF3+)
  10. BrF3+ (BrF3+)