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Elsner, B.B.; Paul, P.F.M., The application of lithium alkynyls in the synthesis of long-chain dialkylacetylenes, J. Chem. Soc., 1951, 1951, 893.

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  1. Dotriacontane (C32H66)
  2. 9-Octadecyne (C18H34)
  3. 2-Octadecyne (C18H34)
  4. 5-Octadecyne (C18H34)
  5. 7-octadecyne (C18H34)
  6. 8-octadecyne (C18H34)
  7. 4-octadecyne (C18H34)
  8. 6-octadecyne (C18H34)