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S+ (structure unspecified)

Gas phase ion energetics data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Reactions leading to S+ (ion structure unspecified)

Precursor AP (eV) Other Products Method Reference Comment
CHNS13.205 ± 0.014?PIRuscic and Berkowitz, 1994 
COS14. ± 1.COEICarnovale, Hitchcock, et al., 1982 
COS13.52 ± 0.05COEIHubin-Franskin, Huard, et al., 1978 
COS13.7COEIFerreira and Costa, 1972 
COS13.65 ± 0.03COPIDibeler and Walker, 1967 
CS215. ± 1.CSEICarnovale, Hitchcock, et al., 1982 
CS213.40 ± 0.08CSEIMiletic, Eres, et al., 1980 
CS214.80 ± 0.02CSPICoppens, Reynaert, et al., 1979 
CS214.88 ± 0.05CSEIHubin-Franskin, Huard, et al., 1978 
CS214.80 ± 0.02CSPIDrowart, Smets, et al., 1978 
CS213.35CSEIHubin-Franskin, Locht, et al., 1976 
CS217. ± 1.CSEIMomigny, Mathieu, et al., 1973 
CS215. ± 1.CSEIMomigny, Mathieu, et al., 1973 
CS214.8CSPIDibeler and Walker, 1967 
C2F6S2~13.?EICullen, Frost, et al., 1970 
C2H4S13.1 ± 0.2C2H4EIGallegos and Kiser, 1961 
C2H6OS10.8 ± 0.3?EIBlais, Cottin, et al., 1970 
C2H6S14.2 ± 0.3?EIGal'perin, Bogolyubov, et al., 1969 
C2H6S215.0 ± 0.3?EIGal'perin, Bogolyubov, et al., 1969 
C4H4S20.0 ± 0.5?EIStepanov, Perov, et al., 1988 
ClF5S33.2 ± 0.5?EIHarland and Thynne, 1969 
Cl2S13.0 ± 0.2?EIHartmann, Lebert, et al., 1974 
D2S13.43DSPIPECOEland, 1979 
F2S214.3 ± 0.1SF2PILosking and Willner, 1985 
GeS18.0GeEIBalducci, Sacconi, et al., 1991 
H2S13.375 ± 0.022H2PIPrest, Tzeng, et al., 1983 
H2S13.41H2PIPECOEland, 1979 
H2S13.5H2EIMorrison and Traeger, 1973 
H2S13.36 ± 0.01H2PIDibeler and Liston, 1968 
H2S13.40 ± 0.01H2PIDibeler and Liston, 1968 
O2S16.5 ± 0.5O2/2OEIOrient and Srivastava, 1984 
O2S22.2OEISmith and Stevenson, 1981 
O2S16.334O2/2OPEWeiss, Hsieh, et al., 1979 
O2S17.5 ± 0.3O2EIReese, Dibeter, et al., 1958 
O3S20.3 ± 0.5O2+OEISmith and Stevenson, 1981 
PbS16.0 ± 2.0PbEIColin and Drowart, 1962 
SSn16.5 ± 2.0SnEIColin and Drowart, 1962 
S214.732 ± 0.005SPILiao and Ng, 1986 
S213.5 ± 0.5SEIPiacente, Bardi, et al., 1976 
S214.74 ± 0.01SPIBerkowitz and Chupka, 1969 


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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