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CH3+ (structure unspecified)

Gas phase ion energetics data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Reactions leading to CH3+ (ion structure unspecified)

Precursor AP (eV) Other Products Method Reference Comment
CH3BF214.8 ± 0.1?EISteele, Nichols, et al., 1962 
CH3Br12.77BrPITraeger and McLoughlin, 1981 
CH3Br12.8 ± 0.3BrEIKaposi, Riedel, et al., 1976 
CH3Br12.80 ± 0.03BrPITsai, Baer, et al., 1975 
CH3Br12.8 ± 0.3BrEIKaposi, Riedel, et al., 1975 
CH3Br9.60 ± 0.05Br-EIWilliams and Hamill, 1968 
CH3Br12.77BrPIKrauss, Walker, et al., 1968 
CH3Cl13.87ClPIKrauss, Walker, et al., 1968 
CH3Cl10.07Cl-PIDibeler and Walker, 1965 
CH3ClHg14.8 ± 0.2?EIGowenlock, Haynes, et al., 1962 
CH3Cl3Si15.0 ± 0.2?EISteele, Nichols, et al., 1962, 2 
CH3F16.25FPIKrauss, Walker, et al., 1968 
CH3F12.56F-PIKrauss, Walker, et al., 1968 
CH3FO<=13.539 ± 0.015FOPIRuscic, Appelman, et al., 1991 
CH3I12.18IPITraeger and McLoughlin, 1981 
CH3I12.24 ± 0.01IPIPECOMintz and Baer, 1976 
CH3I12.25 ± 0.03IPITsai, Baer, et al., 1975 
CH3I12.07 ± 0.07IEIJohnstone and Mellon, 1972 
CH3I12.260 ± 0.013IPINicholson, 1970 
CH3I12.22IEILossing and Semeluk, 1970 
CH3NO213.6NO2EIHaney and Franklin, 1968 
CH3NO212.6NO2EITsuda and Hamill, 1966 
CH3NO315.5?EIFraser and Paul, 1968 
CH3N314.1 ± 0.1?EIFranklin, Dibeler, et al., 1958 
CH414.3 ± 0.4HEIChatham, Hils, et al., 1984 
CH413.25 ± 0.08H-EIPlessis, Marmet, et al., 1983 
CH414.01 ± 0.08HEIPlessis, Marmet, et al., 1983 
CH414.30HPIPECOStockbauer, 1977 
CH414.324 ± 0.003HPIMcCulloh and Dibeler, 1976T = 0K
CH414.4HEIMorrison and Traeger, 1973 
CH414.30HEILossing and Semeluk, 1970 
CH414.24 ± 0.05HEIWilliams and Hamill, 1968 
CH414.320 ± 0.004HPIChupka, 1968 
CH413.50 ± 0.05H-PIChupka, 1968 
CH414.23 ± 0.05HPIBrehm, 1966 
CH414.25 ± 0.02HPIDibeler, Krauss, et al., 1965 
CH4O13.82 ± 0.04OHPIWarneck, 1971 
CH4O13.5OHEIFriedman, Long, et al., 1957 
CH4S13.296 ± 0.021SHPIKutina, Edwards, et al., 1982 
CH4S13.357 ± 0.021SHPIKutina, Edwards, et al., 1982T = 0K
CH5N14.5NH2EISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
CH5N14.7NH2EIHaney and Franklin, 1968 
CH5P14.8 ± 0.2?EIWada and Kiser, 1964 
CH6N214.1 ± 0.3?EIDibeler, Franklin, et al., 1959 
CH6Si15.1 ± 0.3?EISteele, Nichols, et al., 1962, 2 
C2H3DO14.26?PIJochims, Lohr, et al., 1978 
C2H3D315.15?EID'Or, Collin, et al., 1966 
C2H3D3S13.1?EIGowenlock, Kay, et al., 1963 
C2H3F315.0CF3PILoguinov, Takhistov, et al., 1981 
C2H3F315.0 ± 0.1?EISteele and Stone, 1962 
C2H3F3S14.1 ± 0.1SCF3PIHagenow, Jochims, et al., 1989 
C2H3F3S14.24?EICullen, Frost, et al., 1970 
C2H3F3S214.?EICullen, Frost, et al., 1970 
C2H3N14.76CNEIHeerma and deRidder, 1970 
C2H3NO14.6NCOEIHaney and Franklin, 1968 
C2H3NS15.3 ± 0.3?EIHobrock, Shenkel, et al., 1963 
C2H415.60 ± 0.20CH-EIPlessis and Marmet, 1986 
C2H416.95 ± 0.15CHEIPlessis and Marmet, 1986 
C2H419.3?EIMaeda, Suzuki, et al., 1974 
C2H4F214.25 ± 0.05CHF2PIHeinis, Bar, et al., 1985 
C2H4F218.6?EILifshitz and Long, 1965 
C2H4O13.9 ± 0.1CHOPIPECOBombach, Stadelmann, et al., 1981 
C2H4O14.08CO+HPIJochims, Lohr, et al., 1978 
C2H4O14.11 ± 0.05CO+HPIWarneck, 1974 
C2H4O14.08 ± 0.05CO+HPIKrassig, Reinke, et al., 1974 
C2H4O14.53CHO?EIHaney and Franklin, 1969 
C2H4O13.06 ± 0.05CO+HPIKrassig, Reinke, et al., 1974 
C2H4O14.3 ± 0.2?EIGallegos and Kiser, 1961 
C2H4O213.27 ± 0.24HCO2PIPECONishimura, Zha, et al., 1987 
C2H4O213.71?EIHaney and Franklin, 1969 
C2H4O214.0 ± 0.15?EIHaney and Franklin, 1969 
C2H5Br16.9 ± 0.3?EIIrsa, 1957 
C2H5Cl15.9 ± 0.3?EIIrsa, 1957 
C2H5D14.94?EID'Or, Collin, et al., 1966 
C2H5I16.3 ± 0.3?EIIrsa, 1957 
C2H5N15.5 ± 0.3?EIGallegos and Kiser, 1961, 2 
C2H5NO313.75 ± 0.50?EICollin, 1963 
C2H614. ± 1.CH3PIAu, Cooper, et al., 1993 
C2H613.56 ± 0.04CH3-EIPlessis and Marmet, 1987 
C2H613.65 ± 0.04CH3EIPlessis and Marmet, 1987 
C2H614. ± 2.CH3EIChatham, Hils, et al., 1984 
C2H614.1 ± 0.1?EISuzuki and Maeda, 1977 
C2H613.46 ± 0.05CH3EIWilliams and Hamill, 1968 
C2H6Hg12.55CH3+Hg?PIDistefano and Dibeler, 1970 
C2H6N211.32 ± 0.05CH3+N2PIFoster, Williamson, et al., 1974 
C2H6N211.5 ± 0.1?EIGowenlock, Majer, et al., 1962 
C2H6O<=14.4 ± 0.1CH2O+HPIPECOButler, Holland, et al., 1984T = 298K
C2H6O14.93 ± 0.13?EIHaney and Franklin, 1969 
C2H6O14.70 ± 0.10?EIHaney and Franklin, 1969 
C2H6OS14.85 ± 0.14?PIPECOZha, Nishimura, et al., 1988 
C2H6OS13.3 ± 0.3CH3SOEIPotzinger, Stracke, et al., 1975 
C2H6OS16.3 ± 0.1?EIBlais, Cottin, et al., 1970 
C2H6S13.0?EIGowenlock, Kay, et al., 1963 
C2H6S212.9?EICullen, Frost, et al., 1970 
C2H6Zn15.1 ± 0.5?EIWinters and Kiser, 1967 
C2H7BO213.4 ± 0.5?EILaw and Margrave, 1956 
C2H7N14.8CH3NHEISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C2H7N15.6CH2NH2EISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C2H8N213.9 ± 0.3?EIDibeler, Franklin, et al., 1959 
C2H8N214.5 ± 0.3?EIDibeler, Franklin, et al., 1959 
C3H3F3O14.60?EIMajer, Patrick, et al., 1961 
C3H416.0C2HEISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C3H414.6 ± 0.1C2HEIGil'burd, Syrvatka, et al., 1967 
C3H415.4 ± 0.5?EICoats and Anderson, 1957 
C3H4N2O13.2 ± 0.06?EIFoffani, Pignataro, et al., 1963 
C3H5BrO15.6?EIWada and Kiser, 1962 
C3H5ClO14.6?EIWada and Kiser, 1962 
C3H5ClO13.9 ± 0.20?EIFoffani, Pignataro, et al., 1963 
C3H5NS19.6 ± 0.5?EIHobrock, Shenkel, et al., 1963 
C3H614.9C2H3EIHaney and Franklin, 1968 
C3H6BrNO11.95?EIDay, Gowenlock, et al., 1978 
C3H6ClNO13.75?EIDay, Gowenlock, et al., 1978 
C3H6F4N216.4 ± 0.4?EIHertzberg, White, et al., 1972 
C3H6F4N214.7 ± 0.2?EIHertzberg, White, et al., 1972 
C3H6F4N214.6 ± 0.3?EIHertzberg, White, et al., 1972 
C3H6N2O314.20?EIDay, Gowenlock, et al., 1978 
C3H6O15.61?PEPowis and Danby, 1979 
C3H6O15.2?EIMajer, Olavesen, et al., 1971 
C3H6O14.93?EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C3H6O15.36?EIHaney and Franklin, 1969 
C3H6O13.9 ± 0.2?EIGallegos and Kiser, 1961 
C3H6O211.07 ± 0.04?EIBrion and Dunning, 1963 
C3H6O213.07 ± 0.10?EIBrion and Dunning, 1963 
C3H6S18.1 ± 0.4?EIHobrock and Kiser, 1962 
C3H7Cl29.7 ± 0.2?EIOlmsted, Street, et al., 1964 
C3H7N14.4 ± 1.0?EIGallegos and Kiser, 1962 
C3H821. ± 1.C2H5PIAu, Cooper, et al., 1993 
C3H830. ± 1.C2H5EIFuchs, 1972 
C3H814.0 ± 0.5C2H5EIAppell, Durup, et al., 1966 
C3H822.0 ± 0.5C2H5+EIEhrhardt and Tekaat, 1964 
C3H825.0 ± 0.5C2H+3+H2EIEhrhardt and Tekaat, 1964 
C3H8O15.02?EIHaney and Franklin, 1969 
C3H8O30.2 ± 0.2?EIOlmsted, Street, et al., 1964 
C3H8S17.6 ± 0.5?EIHobrock and Kiser, 1962, 2 
C3H9B15.1 ± 0.3?EILaw and Margrave, 1956 
C3H9BO313.6 ± 0.5?EILaw and Margrave, 1956 
C3H9N14.9(CH3)2NEISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C3H9N14.0 ± 0.1?EIGowenlock, Jones, et al., 1961 
C3H9O2PS214.50 ± 0.40?EISantoro, 1973 
C3H9O3P16.8 ± 0.1?EIBafus, Gallegos, et al., 1966 
C3H9O3PS15.20 ± 0.30?EISantoro, 1973 
C3H9O4P17.90 ± 0.40?EISantoro, 1973 
C3H9O4P18.6 ± 0.3?EIBafus, Gallegos, et al., 1966 
C3H9P21.7 ± 0.5?EIFischler and Halmann, 1964 
C3H10N214.0 ± 0.5?EIDibeler, Franklin, et al., 1959 
C3H10Si14.8 ± 0.5?EIHobrock and Kiser, 1962, 3Personal communication from R.M. Reese and V.H. Dibeler
C4H615.1C3H3EISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C4H617.6 ± 0.5?EICoats and Anderson, 1957 
C4H614.4 ± 0.2?EICollin and Lossing, 1957 
C4H6O214.1C2H3O+COEIBurgers, Holmes, et al., 1983 
C4H814.1C3H5EISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C4H816.4C3H5EISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C4H8O15.49?EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C4H8O211.94 ± 0.02?EIBrion and Dunning, 1963 
C4H8O213.94 ± 0.08?EIBrion and Dunning, 1963 
C4H8O216.0 ± 0.3?EIWada and Kiser, 1962 
C4H8S17.7 ± 0.5?EIHobrock and Kiser, 1963 
C4H1029.7 ± 0.2?EIOlmsted, Street, et al., 1964 
C4H1029.4 ± 0.2?EIOlmsted, Street, et al., 1964 
C4H10S19.4 ± 0.5?EIHobrock and Kiser, 1963 
C4H10S16.6 ± 0.5?EIHobrock and Kiser, 1962, 2 
C4H11N15.4C2H5NHCH2EISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C4H12Ge20.1 ± 0.5?EIHobrock and Kiser, 1962, 3Personal communication from R.M. Reese and V.H. Dibeler
C4H12N214. ± 1.?EIDibeler, Franklin, et al., 1959 
C5H10O15.13?EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C5H1229.5 ± 0.2?EIOlmsted, Street, et al., 1964 
C5H1213.14?EILampe and Field, 1959 
C6H625.70?EIMomigny, Brakier, et al., 1962 
C6H618.50?EIMomigny, Brakier, et al., 1962 
C6H628.2 ± 0.2?EIOlmsted, Street, et al., 1964 
C6H8N>4.2 ± 0.35C5H5NCADKatritzky, Watson, et al., 1990 
C6H1014.7C5H7EISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C6H1215.4C5H9EISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C6H15N16.7(C2H5)2NCHEISenSharma and Franklin, 1973 
C7H1627.9 ± 0.2?EIOlmsted, Street, et al., 1964 
C8H12N4O214.60?EIDay, Gowenlock, et al., 1978 
C10H18N2O415.70?EIDay, Gowenlock, et al., 1978 
C10H18N2O614.20?EIDay, Gowenlock, et al., 1978 
C10H18N2O612.80?EIDay, Gowenlock, et al., 1978 
C11H13ClO14.9?EIFraser and Paul, 1968 
C12H22N2O415.50?EIDay, Gowenlock, et al., 1978 


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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