C4H9+ (structure unspecified)

Gas phase ion energetics data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Reactions leading to C4H9+ (ion structure unspecified)

Precursor AP (eV) Other Products Method Reference Comment
C4H9Br9.85 ± 0.01BrPIMcLoughlin and Traeger, 1979 
C4H9Br10.23BrPITraeger, 1981 
C4H9Cl10.95 ± 0.05ClEIBaldwin, Maccoll, et al., 1966 
C4H9Cl10.51 ± 0.01ClPIMcLoughlin and Traeger, 1979 
C4H9Cl10.80 ± 0.07ClEIBaldwin, Maccoll, et al., 1966 
C4H9Cl11.40ClEIBaldwin, Maccoll, et al., 1966 
C4H9Cl10.73ClPITraeger, 1981 
C4H9Cl10.99 ± 0.05ClEIBaldwin, Maccoll, et al., 1966 
C4H9Cl3Si10.7 ± 0.1SiCl3EIPotzinger, Ritter, et al., 1975 
C4H9Cl3Si10.7 ± 0.1?EISteele, Nichols, et al., 1962 
C4H9I9.180 ± 0.015IPIPECOKeister, Riley, et al., 1993T = 0K
C4H9I9.54IPITraeger, 1981 
C4H9I8.98 ± 0.01IPIMcLoughlin and Traeger, 1979 
C4H9NO8.9 ± 0.1?EICarmichael, Gowenlock, et al., 1972 
C4H9NO210.6?EITsuda and Hamill, 1966 
C4H1010.9 ± 0.1H-PIChupka and Berkowitz, 1967 
C4H1011.7 ± 0.1HPIChupka and Berkowitz, 1967 
C4H1010.68 ± 0.02HPIMead, Donchi, et al., 1980 
C4H1010.68 ± 0.03HPIMcLoughlin and Traeger, 1979 
C4H1011.6HEIOmura, 1961 
C4H12Si10.25 ± 0.02?EISteele, Nichols, et al., 1962 
C5H9N12.15CNEIHeerma and deRidder, 1970 
C5H11Cl10.40 ± 0.05CH2ClEIHolmes and Lossing, 1984 
C5H1211.10CH3PITraeger, Hudson, et al., 1996T = 0K
C5H1211.0 ± 0.1CH3EIBurgers and Holmes, 1982 
C5H1210.98 ± 0.05CH3EILossing and Semeluk, 1970 
C5H1211.06 ± 0.07CH3PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C5H1210.35CH3PIChesnavich, Su, et al., 1978 
C5H1210.56CH3EILossing and Semeluk, 1970 
C5H1210.57 ± 0.02CH3PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C5H1210.96CH3PITraeger, Hudson, et al., 1996T = 0K
C5H1210.87CH3PITraeger, 1981 
C5H1211.15 ± 0.07CH3PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C6H11Cl10.56 ± 0.02?PISergeev, Akopyan, et al., 1973 
C6H12O10.78 ± 0.05CH3COEIHolmes and Lossing, 1984 
C6H12O11.92?EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C6H12O10.02 ± 0.05CH3COEIHolmes and Lossing, 1984 
C6H12O211.31 ± 0.10?EIBrion and Dunning, 1963 
C6H1410.73 ± 0.02C2H5PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C6H1411.05C2H5EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C6H1411.03 ± 0.07C2H5PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C6H1410.60 ± 0.025C2H5PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C6H1410.95 ± 0.07C2H5PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C7H1610.72C3H7EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C7H1610.56 ± 0.05C3H7PIBrehm, 1966 
C7H1611.19 ± 0.07C3H7PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C7H18Ge10.19 ± 0.27(CH3)3GeEILappert, Pedley, et al., 1971 
C7H18Pb9.45 ± 0.15(CH3)3PbEILappert, Pedley, et al., 1971 
C7H18Si11.88?EIHess, Lampe, et al., 1964 
C7H18Sn10.03 ± 0.23(CH3)3SnEILappert, Pedley, et al., 1971 
C7H18Sn10.03 ± 0.23?EILappert, Simpson, et al., 1969 
C8H1811.12n-C4H9?EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C8H1811.40 ± 0.07n-C4H9?PISteiner, Giese, et al., 1961 
C8H18Hg10.6 ± 0.1?EIGowenlock, Haynes, et al., 1962 
C8H18O11.8 ± 0.1?EIWilliams and Hamill, 1968 
C9H18O11.82?EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C9H2011.15?EIPotzinger and Bunau, 1969 
C10H14S10.5 ± 0.1?EIDistefano, Ricci, et al., 1974 
C10H1811.7 ± 0.05?EIPolyakova, Zimina, et al., 1960 
C10H2011.12 ± 0.07?EINatalis and Franklin, 1966 
C10H2011.23 ± 0.05?EINatalis and Franklin, 1966 
C12H2212.0 ± 0.05?EIBerkowitz, Chupka, et al., 1956 
C12H2211.6 ± 0.05?EIPolyakova, Khmel'nitskii, et al., 1963 
C16H36Li411. ± 0.50?PIMcLean, Murray, et al., 1978 


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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