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C3H7O+ (structure unspecified)

Gas phase ion energetics data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Reactions leading to C3H7O+ (ion structure unspecified)

Precursor AP (eV) Other Products Method Reference Comment
C3H8O10.32 ± 0.08HEIBowen and Maccoll, 1984 
C3H8O10.32HEILossing, 1977 
C3H8O10.3 ± 0.1HEIIvko, 1970 
C3H8O10.3HEIHarrison, Ivko, et al., 1966 
C3H8O<=10.48 ± 0.08HEIBowen and Maccoll, 1984 
C3H8O<=10.48HEILossing, 1977 
C3H8O10.3 ± 0.5HPIPotapov and Sorokin, 1972 
C3H8O10.6HPIRefaey and Chupka, 1968 
C3H8O11.85HEILambdin, Tuffly, et al., 1959 
C3H8O10.72 ± 0.09HEIBowen and Maccoll, 1984 
C3H8O10.2HEIMcLafferty, Bente, et al., 1973 
C3H8O10.48 ± 0.03HEIJohnstone and Mellon, 1972 
C3H8O10.72HPIRefaey and Chupka, 1968 
C3H8O10.69HEILambdin, Tuffly, et al., 1959 
C4H7DO211.22CDOEIBernecker and Long, 1961 
C4H8O211.0 ± 0.1HCOCEMSJalonen, Tedder, et al., 1980 
C4H8O212.17CHOEICollin and Conde, 1966 
C4H10O9.71CH3PIMcAdoo, Traeger, et al., 1988 
C4H10O9.82 ± 0.08CH3EIBowen and Maccoll, 1984 
C4H10O9.82CH3EILossing, 1977 
C4H10O10.3 ± 0.1CH3EITsang and Harrison, 1970 
C4H10O10.26 ± 0.08CH3EIBowen and Maccoll, 1984 
C4H10O10.26CH3EILossing, 1977 
C4H10O10.3CH3EIHarrison, Ivko, et al., 1966 
C4H10O9.86CH3EILossing, 1977 
C4H10O10.1 ± 0.2CH3EIBeauchamp, Caserio, et al., 1974 
C4H10O9.87 ± 0.03CH3PIPotapov and Sorokin, 1972 
C4H10O9.87CH3EIPotapov and Sorokin, 1970 
C4H10O10.2CH3EIHarrison, Ivko, et al., 1966 
C4H10O10.14 ± 0.02CH3PIPECOShao, Baer, et al., 1988 
C4H10O10.18 ± 0.08CH3EIBowen and Maccoll, 1984 
C4H10O10.24CH3EIHolmes, Burgers, et al., 1982 
C4H10O10.18CH3EILossing, 1977 
C4H10O10.7CH3EIHarrison, Ivko, et al., 1966 
C4H10O210.26CH2OHEILossing, 1977 
C4H10O29.68CH2OHEILossing, 1977 
C4H10O210.98CH3OEIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1991 
C4H10O29.98 ± 0.05CH3OEIHolmes and Lossing, 1984 
C4H10O210.63 ± 0.04CH3OEIMartin, Lampe, et al., 1966 
C5H10O210.30C2H3OEIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1991 
C5H10O210.65CH3COEIHarrison, Ivko, et al., 1966 
C5H10O211.64 ± 0.03CH3COEIBrion and Dunning, 1963 
C5H12O9.83C2H5EIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1988 
C5H12O9.80C2H5EILossing, 1977 
C5H12O10.0C2H5EIHarrison, Ivko, et al., 1966 
C5H12O210.02C2H5OEIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1991 
C5H12O210.16C2H5OEIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1991 
C6H12O29.71CH3COCH2?PIShigorin, Filyugina, et al., 1967 
C6H14O11.59 ± 0.05C3H7EIWilliams and Hamill, 1968 
C6H14O12.9 ± 0.1C3H7EIWilliams and Hamill, 1968 
C6H14O10.1 ± 0.1C2H5EITsang and Harrison, 1970 
C6H14O9.682-C3H7EIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1988 
C6H14O10.3 ± 0.1?EITsang and Harrison, 1970 
C6H14O29.60C3H7OEIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1991 
C6H14O210.12C3H7OEIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1991 
C6H14O29.60C3H7OEIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1991 
C7H16O9.682-C4H9EIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1988 
C7H16O9.80(CH3)2CHCH2EIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1988 
C7H16O9.821-C4H9EIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1988 
C8H12NO2.8 ± 0.35C5H5NCADKatritzky, Watson, et al., 1990Ion is CH3OCH2CH2+


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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