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Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, methyl ester

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Normal alkane RI, non-polar column, custom temperature program

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, William E. Wallace, director

Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase HP-5DB-5 MSDB-5SPB-1HP-5
Column length (m)
Carrier gas HeliumHelium   
Column diameter (mm)
Phase thickness (mum)
Program 30 0C (2 min) 2 0Cmin -> 60 0C 10 0C/min -> 100 0C 20 0C/min -> 140 0C 10 0C/min -> 200 0C (10 min)not specified50C(1min) => 5C/min => 100C => 10C/min => 250C (9min)70C(3min) => 4C/min => 120C => 8C/min => 250C(5min)>2.5C/min => 180C => 100C/min => 250C (7.3min)
I 777.770.772.754.776.
ReferenceRotsatschakul, Visesanguan, et al., 2009Su, Wang, et al., 2009Beaulieu and Lancaster, 2007Díaz-Maroto, Castillo, et al., 2007Goodner, Mahattanatawee, et al., 2006
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase HP-5DB-5HP-5DB-5SPB-5
Column length (m) 30.60. 30.30.
Carrier gas    HeliumHe
Column diameter (mm) 0.250.25 0.320.25
Phase thickness (mum) 0.250.25 0.250.25
Program >2.5C/min => 180C => 100C/min => 250C (7.3min)50C => 5C/min => 100C => 15C/min => 250C (19C)not specified40 0C (2 min) 40 0C/min -> 60 0C (2 min) 6 0C/min -> 180 0C 10 0C/min -> 240 0C (5 min)30C(3min) => 5C/min => 80C => 4C/min => 95C => 5C/min => 115C => 10C/min => 200C
I 777.772.776.773.733.
ReferenceGoodner, Mahattanatawee, et al., 2006Beaulieu, 2005Riu-Aumatell, Lopez-Tamames, et al., 2005Tokitomo, Steihaus, et al., 2005Crook, Boylston, et al., 2004
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase SE-30CP Sil 8 CBHP-5SE-54HP-1
Column length (m)  60.30. 50.
Carrier gas     N2
Column diameter (mm)  0.250.25 0.32
Phase thickness (mum)  0.250.25 0.52
Program not specifiednot specified40C (6min) => 2.5C/min => 150C => 90C/min => 250C35C (2min) => 40C/min => 50C (2min) => 6C/min => 180C => 10C/min => 240C40C => 2C/min => 130C => 4C/min => 250C
I 765.776.746.772.764.
ReferenceVinogradov, 2004Duckham, Dodson, et al., 2001Jordán, Shaw, et al., 2001Schieberle and Steinhaus, 2001Teai, Claude-Lafontaine, et al., 2001
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase DB-5SE-54HP-1SE-54DB-1
Column length (m)
Carrier gas He HeHe 
Column diameter (mm) 0.320.320.250.250.25
Phase thickness (mum)
Program 35C(1min) => 40C/min => 60C (1min) => 6C/min => 230C35 0C (2 min) 40 0C/min -> 50 0C (1 min) 6 0C/min -> 230 0C40C(5min) => 3C/min => 150C=20C/min => 230C40C(5min) => 3C/min => 150C=20C/min => 230Cnot specified
I 775.777.756.760.768.
ReferenceMatsui, Guth, et al., 1998Reiners and Grosch, 1998Boatright and Crum, 1997Boatright and Crum, 1997Marlatt, Ho, et al., 1992
Column type CapillaryCapillary
Active phase SE-54OV-1, SE-30, Methyl silicone, SP-2100, OV-101, DB-1, etc.
Column length (m) 30.50.
Carrier gas  Hydrogen
Column diameter (mm) 0.320.32
Phase thickness (mum) 0.20 
Program 2 min at 35 0C; 35-50 0C at 40 deg/min; 5 min at 50 0C; 50 - 220 0C at 4 deg/min;not specified
I 776.758.
ReferenceSchieberle, Ofner, et al., 1990Waggott and Davies, 1984


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Rotsatschakul, Visesanguan, et al., 2009
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