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Normal alkane RI, polar column, custom temperature program

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, William E. Wallace, director

Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase Supelco CO Wax-10CP-Wax 52 CBInnowax FSCDB-WaxSupelcowax-10
Column length (m) 60. 60.30.30.
Carrier gas Helium HeliumHeliumHe
Column diameter (mm) 0.32 0.250.320.25
Phase thickness (μm) 0.25
Program 35 0C (6 min) 2 0C/min -> 60 0C (5 min) 5 0C/min -> 200 0C 25 0C/min -> 250 0C (6 min)not specified60 0C (10 min) 4 0C/min -> 220 0C (10 min) 1 0C/min -> 240 0C50 0C 20 0C/min -> 80 0C 3 0C/min -> 230 0C35C(8min) => 6C/min => 60C => 4C/min => 160C => 20C/min => 200C(1min)
I 1389.1390.1398.1366.1392.
ReferencePrompona, Kandylis, et al., 2012Povolo, Cabassi, et al., 2011Baser, Demirci, et al., 2009Tao, Wenlai, et al., 2008Berard, Bianchi, et al., 2007
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase Supelcowax-10HP-20MHP-InnowaxHP-InnowaxInnowax FSC
Column length (m) 30. 30.30.60.
Carrier gas He HeHeHe
Column diameter (mm) 0.25
Phase thickness (μm) 0.25
Program 35C(8min) => 6C/min => 60C => 4C/min => 160C => 20C/min => 200C(1min)not specified30C(5min) => 7C/min => 100C(5min) => 1C/min => 130C => 10C/min => 195C(45min)30C(5min) => 7C/min => 100C(5min) => 1C/min => 130C => 10C/min => 195C(45min)60C(10min) => 4C/min >220C (10min) => 1C/min => 240C
I 1394.1392.1388.1392.1398.
ReferenceBerard, Bianchi, et al., 2007Chaieb, Hajlaoui, et al., 2007Narain, Galvao, et al., 2007Narain, Galvao, et al., 2007Baser, Özek, et al., 2006
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase Innowax FSCCarbowax 20MHP-Innowax FSCTC-WaxCarbowax 20M
Column length (m) 60. 60.  
Carrier gas He He  
Column diameter (mm) 0.25 0.25  
Phase thickness (μm) 0.25 0.25  
Program 60C(10min) => 4C/min >220C (10min) => 1C/min => 240Cnot specified60C(10min) => 4C/min => 220C(10min) => 1C/min => 240Cnot specifiednot specified
I 1398.1374.1398.1398.1377.
ReferenceBaser, Özek, et al., 2006Editorial paper, 2005Kivcak, Akay, et al., 2004Tachihara, Ishizaki, et al., 2004Vinogradov, 2004
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase Carbowax 20MCP-Wax 52CBDB-WaxDB-WaxDB-Wax
Column length (m)
Carrier gas   HeN2 
Column diameter (mm)  0.320.32 0.32
Phase thickness (μm) 
Program not specified40C(10min) => 3C/min => 190C => 10C/min => 250C(5min)50C(6min) => 1C/min => 130C => 10C/min => 240C (15min)not specifiednot specified
I 1420.1402.1395.1396.1387.
ReferenceVinogradov, 2004Muresan, Eillebrecht, et al., 2000Piveteau, le Guen, et al., 2000Weyerstahl, Marschall, et al., 1998Binder and Flath, 1989
Column type CapillaryCapillary
Active phase Carbowax 20MCarbowax 20M
Column length (m)   
Carrier gas He 
Column diameter (mm)   
Phase thickness (μm)   
Program not specifiednot specified
I 1396.1420.
ReferencePeppard and Ramus, 1988Shibamoto, 1987


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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