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Normal alkane RI, non-polar column, custom temperature program

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, William E. Wallace, director

Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase DB-1DB-1CP Sil 8 CBDB-5SE-52
Column length (m)
Carrier gas HydrogenHeHeliumHeHe
Column diameter (mm)
Phase thickness (mum)
Program 45 0C 3 0C/min -> 175 0C 15 0C/min -> 300 0C (10 min)45C => 3C/min => 175C => 15C/min => 300C (10min)60 0C (2 min) 5 0C/min -> 160 0C (1 min) 10 0C/min -> 280 0C (3 min)40C (5min) => 2C/min => 250C(15min) => 5C/min => 270C (10min)45C => 1C/min => 100C => 5C/min => 250C (10min)
I 1404.1404.1415.1413.1415.
ReferenceMendes, Trindade, et al., 2009Nogueira, Marcelo-Curto, et al., 2008Radusiene, Judzentiene, et al., 2007Massardo, Senatore, et al., 2006Tognolini, Barocelli, et al., 2006
Column type CapillaryCapillary
Active phase OV-1CP Sil 8 CB
Column length (m) 30.50.
Carrier gas HeHe
Column diameter (mm) 0.250.32
Phase thickness (mum) 0.250.25
Program 45 0C (4 min) 3 0C/min -> 75 0C 4 0C/min -> 115 0C 6 0C/min -> 312 0C60C(2min) => 5C/min => 160C(1min) => 10C/min => 250C (5min)
I 1397.1410.
ReferenceHafez and Abdel-Salam, 2004Judpentienë and Mockutë, 2004


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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