Dimethyl sulfide

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Normal alkane RI, non-polar column, custom temperature program

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, William E. Wallace, director

Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase HP-5 MSDB-5RTX-5 MSDB-5 MSHP-5
Column length (m)
Carrier gas HeliumHeliumHeliumHeliumHelium
Column diameter (mm)
Phase thickness (μm)
Program not specified40 0C 4 0C/min -> 230 0C 100 0C/min -> 260 0C (11.7 min)not specifiednot specified40 0C (10 min) 5 0C/min -> 200 0C 15 0C/min -> 250 0C (10 min)
I 514.529.515.526.534.
ReferenceKotowska, Zalikowski, et al., 2012Miyazaki, Plotto, et al., 2011Mebazaa, Mahmoudi, et al., 2009Su, Wang, et al., 2009Ventanas, Estevez, et al., 2008
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase DB-5 MSMethyl SiliconeBPX-5HP-5DB-5
Column length (m)
Carrier gas HeliumHeliumHe  
Column diameter (mm) 0.250.320.250.320.32
Phase thickness (μm)
Program 45 0C (0.75 min) 10 0C/min -> 200 0C 30 0C/min -> 245 0C (1.25 min)-50 0C (2 min) 8 0C/min -> 200 0C (7.75 min) 25 0C -> 225 0C (8 min)40C(5min) => 5C/min => 100C => 20C/min => 280C (5min)40C(10min) => 5C/min => 200C => 20C/min => 250C(5min)40C(10min) => 5C/min => 200C => 20C/min => 250C (5min)
I 565.507.521.517.517.
ReferenceCajka, Hajslova, et al., 2007Blunden, Aneja, et al., 2005Duflos, Moine, et al., 2005Garcia-Estaban, Ansorena, et al., 2004Garcia-Estaban, Ansorena, et al., 2004, 2
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase PONADB-5 MSBPX-5Polydimethyl siloxaneRTX-5
Column length (m) 50.30.60.  
Carrier gas  HeliumHe  
Column diameter (mm)  
Phase thickness (μm) 0.501.01.  
Program not specifiednot specified-30C(1min) => 100C/min => 40C(4min) => 2C/min => 90C => 4C/min => 130C => 8C/min => 250Cnot specifiednot specified
I 523.550.543.528.521.
ReferenceYang, Wang, et al., 2003Luo and Agnew, 2001van Ruth, Grossmann, et al., 2001Spanier, Shahidi, et al., 2001Masanetz, Guth, et al., 1998
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase RTX-5Polydimethyl siloxanesSPB-1Polydimethyl siloxanesSPB-1
Column length (m)   60. 30.
Carrier gas   He H2
Column diameter (mm)   0.53 0.32
Phase thickness (μm)   5. 4.
Program not specifiednot specified40C(6min) => 5C/min => 80C => 10C/min => 200Cnot specified35(1)-10 -> 55-25 ->250
I 521.503.508.503.506.
ReferenceMasanetz, Guth, et al., 1998Zenkevich, 1998Flanagan, Streete, et al., 1997Zenkevich and Chupalov, 1996Nedjma and Maujean, 1995
Column type CapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillaryCapillary
Active phase DB-1SPB-1SE-52SF96+IgepalSE-30
Column length (m)
Carrier gas HeHelium  He
Column diameter (mm) 0.250.530.500.760.5
Phase thickness (μm) 1.5.0   
Program 40C (4min) => 10C/min => 200C => 50C/min => 250C40 0C (6 min) 5 0C/min -> 80 0C 10 0C/min -> 200 0Cnot specified25C(1min) => 5C/min => 50C (4min) => 1.25C/min => 180C-10C (8min) => 12C/min => 26C => 3C/min => 170C (30min)
I 506.508.527.512.493.
ReferenceSchuberth, 1994Strete, Ruprah, et al., 1992van Langenhove and Schamp, 1986Flath, Altieri, et al., 1984Heydanek and McGorrin, 1981


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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