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Oxalic acid, 2TMS derivative

Gas Chromatography

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: NIST Mass Spectrometry Data Center, William E. Wallace, director

Kovats' RI, non-polar column, isothermal

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Column type Active phase Temperature (C) I Reference Comment
PackedOV-1160.1100.Petersson, 1977N2, Chromosorb G (100-120 mesh); Column length: 2. m

Van Den Dool and Kratz RI, non-polar column, temperature ramp

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Column type Active phase I Reference Comment
CapillaryDB-5MS1145.4Jonsson, Johansson, et al., 200510. m/0.18 mm/0.18 «mu»m, 70. C @ 2. min, 40. K/min, 320. C @ 2. min
CapillaryCP Sil 5 CB1111.Halket, Przyborowska, et al., 199925. m/0.15 mm/0.12 «mu»m, 90. C @ 1. min, 10. K/min, 270. C @ 7. min
CapillaryDB-51131.Kimura, Yamamoto, et al., 199930. m/0.25 mm/1. «mu»m, He, 100. C @ 4. min, 4. K/min, 290. C @ 10. min
CapillaryOV-11125.Lefevere, Verhaeghe, et al., 198910. m/0.22 mm/0.17 «mu»m, He, 5. K/min; Tstart: 70. C; Tend: 270. C
CapillarySE-521138.Lefevere, Verhaeghe, et al., 198925. m/0.32 mm/0.52 «mu»m, He, 5. K/min; Tstart: 70. C; Tend: 270. C
CapillaryCP Sil 5 CB1116.Wurth, Kumps, et al., 1989N2, 60. C @ 0.5 min, 6. K/min, 280. C @ 5. min
CapillaryUltra-21139.Tuchman, Bowers, et al., 198425. m/0.31 mm/0.52 «mu»m, He, 5. K/min; Tstart: 50. C; Tend: 300. C
PackedOV-11116.Tanaka, Hine, et al., 1980N2, 100-120 mesh, 70. C @ 0.5 min, 28. K/min; Column length: 1.8 m; Tend: 290. C
PackedOV-11114.Butts, 1972He, Chromosorb W HP (80-100 mesh), 10. K/min; Column length: 2. m; Tstart: 100. C; Tend: 325. C

Van Den Dool and Kratz RI, non-polar column, custom temperature program

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Column type Active phase I Reference Comment
CapillaryVF-5MS1132.6Tret'yakov, 200830. m/0.25 mm/0.25 «mu»m, He; Program: Multi-step temperature program; T(initial)=60C; T(final)=270C
CapillaryMethyl Silicone1124.Geissler, Kawana, et al., 2007Program: not specified
CapillaryDB-11119.Tsai, Oliphant, et al., 1985He; Program: not specified
PackedOV-1011116.Tanaka and Hine, 1982Program: not specified

Normal alkane RI, non-polar column, temperature ramp

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Column type Active phase I Reference Comment
CapillaryHP-5 MS1122.Erxleben, Gessler, et al., 201230. m/0.25 mm/0.25 «mu»m, 5. K/min; Tstart: 80. C; Tend: 320. C
CapillaryHP-51139.Isidorov, Kotowska, et al., 200530. m/0.25 mm/0.25 «mu»m, He; Tstart: 50. C; Tend: 300. C
CapillaryHP-5MS1150.Lee, Yanamandra, et al., 200230. m/0.25 mm/0.25 «mu»m, He, 70. C @ 3. min, 4. K/min, 280. C @ 3. min
CapillaryHP-51133.Richards, Wong, et al., 199225. m/0.32 mm/0.52 «mu»m, He, 70. C @ 10. min, 5. K/min; Tend: 280. C
PackedSE-301114.Butts and Rainey, 19715. K/min; Tstart: 70. C; Tend: 150. C


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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