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Pyridine, 4-methyl-

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Normal melting point

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: Thermodynamics Research Center, NIST Boulder Laboratories, Kenneth Kroenlein director

Tfus (K) Reference Comment
276.95Den Adel, Brom, et al., 1981Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.5 K; TRC
276.85Anonymous, 1968TRC
276.95Assal, 1966Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.3 K; TRC
277.4Kyte, Jeffery, et al., 1960Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.2 K; TRC
276.8Biddiscombe, Coulson, et al., 1954Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.06 K; TRC
276.31Witschonke, 1954Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.4 K; TRC
276.85Witschonke, 1954Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.2 K; TRC
276.15Liplavk and Boliter, 1951Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.6 K; TRC
277.45Coulson and Jones, 1946Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.3 K; TRC
276.65Hoffman and Vanderwerf, 1946Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.3 K; TRC

In addition to the Thermodynamics Research Center (TRC) data available from this site, much more physical and chemical property data is available from the following TRC products:


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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Anonymous, 1968
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