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Vibrational Energy Search Help

Search options (step 1) (Back to search)

You may search for species based on vibrational energy values in two ways:

Rules for formula restriction (step 2) (Back to search)

A chemical formula may be entered to restrict the search to species which match the formula. The manner in which the formula is interpreted is controlled by two checkboxes below the formula entry box:

Allow elements not specified in formula
When checked, this option indicates that species containing elements not specified in the formula will also be matched. For example, a search for C2 will match all of the species which contain exactly two carbon atoms and any number of other atoms.
Allow more atoms of elements in formula than specified
This option indicates that species containg more atoms than specified of a given element will be matched. For example, a search for HC with only this option checked will match only hydrocarbons.

Rules for data types (step 4) (Back to search)

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