Gas Chromatographic Retention Data

This release includes retention data and related information abstracted from journal articles, technical reports and internet sources that were published over the period 1958-2003.

The following types of retention indices are represented:

where tn and tn+1 are retention times of the reference n-alkane hydrocarbons eluting immediately before and after chemical compound “X”; tx is the retention time of compound “X”. Lee retention indices are determined by analogy with Kovats indices for the following reference compounds: benzene, naphthalene, phenanthrene, chrysene and picene.

Retention information is presented in the following fields:

  1. Chemical compounds are represented by
  2. Retention data value.
  3. Dimensions of retention data (may be Kovats index, Lee index, isothermal and non-isothermal data)
  4. Column specification (when available):
  5. Description of temperature conditions:
  6. Literature source: includes full bibliographic citation

The present release contains gas-chromatographic information only for non-polar and slightly polar stationary phases:

  1. 100% methyl silicone (DB-1, OV-101, SE-30, CP-Sil 5CB, HP-1 etc).
  2. 5% diphenyl, 95% methylpolysiloxane stationary phase (DB-5, HP-5, Ultra-2, RTX-5, CP Sil 8 CB)
  3. Squalane, Apiezones, Apolane

A list of stationary phases in the database can be found here.


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